LEVEL 2 - ZAAC Tecnologia

Founded in 2003, the city of Três Rios / RJ, we have a structure that covers the entire state of Rio de Janeiro, at least two states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo. We are a company specialized in Software Development and we have a team of professionals trained and able to provide support to our clients.

We started no market with software implantations and since 2007 we have been part of the largest commercial automation company in Latin America, to Bematech. We increase our clients' portfolio by providing quality services and selling ponta equipment.

With more than 3,000 users using our solutions, we can affirm that Zaal is a solid and secure company, which has a number of collaborators and large partners. We are always in front of you, looking for advanced technologies for our software and new management techniques, that is why we are referring to regional regions.

In order to acquire a Zaal solution, the company now has a large structure of support for its needs and security to generate its maximum efficiency by obtaining the best results.

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