Emerson Rios

Counselor & Founder

Currently, Emerson Rios serves as a consultant in the area of ​​software testing and quality and is a member of the MPT Steering Committee. He worked as systems development manager at Caixa Econômica Federal, was president and founder of the Latin American Association of Software Testing - ALATS and joined the working group at the UN in Geneva-Switzerland in charge of standardizing electronic commerce between countries.

He has taught postgraduate courses in software quality at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and other courses at Unigranrio and Mauricio de Nassau University.

Bachelor of Science in Economics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Fluminense Federal University - FEA-UFF

Post-graduate in Systems Engineering - COPPE - UFRJ; Master of Information Technologies - AIIM USA

Certificate in Capability Maturity Model Integration (Staged and Continuous), V1.1 - SEI - Software Engineering Institute - (CMMI).

Published the following books in the software testing area:

  • Software Test - AltaBooks - 2006 - 2nd. Co-authoring with Trayahu Moreira.
  • Risk Analysis in Software Testing Projects - AltaBooks - 2005.
  • Software Testing Knowledge Base - Trace and Photo - 2006 in co-authorship with Trayahu Moreira, Ricardo Cristalli and Aderson Bastos.
  • Documentation in Software Test Projects - ArtImage - 2010 - 2nd edition.
  • Karate Applied to Software Testing - Artificial - 2008.
  • Software Testing Projects Management - Artimagem - 2011 - in co-authorship with Trayahu Moreira and Ricardo Cristalli.
  • Plan your software tests and do not die on the beach - ArtImage - 2013 - in co-authoring with Ricardo Cristalli.

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