Trayahú Moreira


Graduated in Statistics and postgraduate in Systems Analysis, having held technical and managerial positions in IT since 1968. For 18 years he worked as a Consultant, having participated in projects and projects related to Strategic IT Planning, Project Management, Office of Projects, Portfolio of Projects, Software Testing and Software Quality. CBTS Certificate by the Latin American Software Testing Association (ALATS).

Co-author of the "Software Test" books (Altabooks Publishing), "Software Test Knowledge Base" (Editora Martins Fontes) and Managing Test Projects (Editora Imagem Art Studio). Instructor of the Courses of Strategic IT Planning, Project Management, Project Office Deployment, Portfolio Management of Projects and Preparatory for Certification in CBTS Software Testing. Co-founder and former Director of the Latin American Software Testing Association (ALATS).

Since 2013 he became a partner of Testing Software Ltda. (iTeste), having served as Technical Director and responsible for Methodologies & Processes.

Related to MPT.Br participated as:

Implementer: In companies Testing Software Ltda. (Level 2 to 4) and Zaal (Level 1);
Master Evaluator: Brisa, Datasus and EcoSistemas Companies.
Analysis of GAP: At Phillips Medical, Ipiranga Petróleo e Light.

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